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Nozomi "Hope" Itoh

Animator / Artist

Larry is a very talented artist, and a great mentor. He's very patient and really wants students and young professionals to succeed, and voluntarily take time out of his day to teach me how to improve my art skills, whether it's design or animation.


Luis Escobar

Storyboard Artist (The Simpsons)

Larry is a great guy.  Not only is he fun to hang out with, but he knows his stuff. It wasn't until I took his animation class that animating walks became crystal clear to me.  He managed to break them down so well, that they finally clicked. On top of that, he was also able to help me improve my drawings. He pointed out some bad habits I'd picked up that were making my drawings stiff. I'm glad I took his class.

Chance Raspberry

Storyboard Artist (The Simpsons)

Larry Whitaker is a great, very talented artist with multiple levels of skill in range. He is a hard-working, dedicated creator with many unique qualities, all of which aid him greatly as an animator, director, and voice actor. Due to these qualities and his decades of hands-on, industry experience with Disney, Warner Bros., and other giants in the field, Larry is a fantastic mentor, teacher, inspiration, and guide. He has given me a lot of great advice, input, feedback, and direction with my art as both a student and professional. His thoughts and suggestions have helped create a noticeable improvement in my work and my approach to it. Most of all, though, Larry Whitaker is a great friend and Christian brother who wants the best for all in his life. You couldn't ask for a better pal.

Jeff Purves

Background Designer / Comic Book Artist

I've known Larry for close to 30 years. His talent in classical animation is second to none. He truly is a master of the craft. Larry's dedication to his passion is more than apparent in every frame of celluloid life he creates.  His caliber of dedication to this industry has inspired me for years.

Richard Hudson

Animator / Designer

It's no secret that to get anywhere in a creative industry, you'll need to learn from the pros, and Larry is the definition of a pro!  Even better, he's a great guy, an enthusiastic teacher, and has plenty of industry stories to share.  Over the last decade, he's given advice, critiqued my work, and helped me improve my animation, layouts, storyboards, and more.  I'm grateful for that.

Cheery Thomas

Animator (Toonz India)

Larry is the best of both worlds, be it traditional 2d animation or 3d animation with excellent directional skills. I had a great time working with him on Playmobil's, "The Secret of Pirate Island". An excellent mentor as well.

Without Larry's generosity and guidance, I wouldn't have a career in the animation industry. I didn't get to go to an art college and receive a formal education. You taught me to be an artist, and helped me grow, where otherwise it would have been impossible.

Sara Anderson

Animation Assistant / Designer

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