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All applicants must submit samples of their work in the form of a link to an online website portfolio, or images via email.  Serious students of animation or related field preferred.

Classes are currently on hiatus, but keep an eye on this page for updates on availability!

Message me for more information!

$495 for one term (6 weeks)

Payment due within 1 week of acceptance.

For PayPal payments via debit or credit, add $10.

For PayPal payments directly from bank account, no fee is added.

Payment plan available with request.  Inquire by email.

Promo codes, if available, will only be accepted if entered via online application.

Larry Whitaker's

Hey, traditional and CGI animators!

Do you want to improve your poses?

Speed up your thumbnail process?

Could your artwork use that extra push?



I’ve crafted a new private online workshop, where I’ll personally teach advanced animation techniques to a select handful of students at time (4 students per class).  Over a six week mentorship, I will offer pointers, technical advice, and most importantly, personalized feedback.  I want to harness my decades of experience in the animation industry to help push you to the next level!

The class consists of weekly 2-hour online meetings via Google Hangouts over a 6 week period.

Meet in person!  Each term, a meet and greet will be arranged for local students to get together for coffee to meet each other and myself!

  • Posing and gesture drawing

  • Timing and other technical aspects of animation

  • Improving drawings and design

  • Color design

  • Character presentation

Students Need...
  • Google account (access to Google Hangouts)

  • Computer with internet connection

  • Webcam (with microphone)

  • Col-Erase pencils, standard 2B or HB pencils, and a drawing pad or animation paper.

  • Graphic tablet or tablet/screen hybrid, and a 2D Drawing software -- I personally recommend Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Animate, or Digicel FlipBook. (Optional but preferred)

  • A good attitude, love of animation, and willingness to improve!


Jupiter © Larry Whitaker
Jupiter © Larry Whitaker

Luis Escobar

Storyboard Artist (The Simpsons)

Larry is a great guy.  Not only is he fun to hang out with, but he knows his stuff. It wasn't until I took his animation class that animating walks became crystal clear to me.  He managed to break them down so well, that they finally clicked. On top of that, he was also able to help me improve my drawings. He pointed out some bad habits I'd picked up that were making my drawings stiff. I'm glad I took his class.

Jupiter © Larry Whitaker

One-On-One Sessions

Got a particular project you want me to help you with?

Feel like you could use some direct mentoring for a short period of time?

$30 for half an hour via Google Hangouts!

Send me an email and we'll arrange everything from there!

One-on-one mentoring and consulting sessions are also available!

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